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Free Yellow Pages Search Search for a business by keyword, business name or city.
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AnyWho: Yellow Pages to find business by name or category and location.
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Find a Business by Phone Number
Switchboard: Reverse business phone number search. Enter a U.S. phone number to find a business. Area code and exchange are required.
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Other Business Phone Number Sites
Helpful sites to find out a business phone number.
  Switchboard - Telephone Directory: Internet Yellow Pages, Internet White Pages - You can find what is generally regarded as the best phone book online at

Yahoo! Yellow Pages - Find local and nationwide business listings quickly and easily at Yahoo! Yellow Pages.

InfoSpace - The yellow pages and white pages directory from InfoSpace is the most convenient way to find people and businesses.

YellowPages - provides US yellow pages and international yellow pages. It is a comprehensive online yellow pages, white pages, phone book and business telephone directory containing more than 14 million US business listings.

SmartPages - Yellow Pages and White Pages listings nationwide brought to you by the largest Yellow Pages publisher in the world: SBC Communications.

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